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Why every growing business needs a marketing professional  

If you are a growing business looking to expand your audience and increase revenue, then you should consider recruiting a marketing professional.  

The first thing to think about is your business objectives and how you would expect your marketing professional to support these. Then you need to set realistic marketing objectives, so you can be clear about what you want that person to achieve. This will help you to recruit a marketer with the right experience and skill-set to help reach your goals. 

Once you have determined the marketing objectives, this will help you to consider the seniority of the role. The role could range from Director level to Assistant.  

You may be fine to bring on a Marketing Assistant to deal with the day-to-day tasks as instructed, but if you need someone to devise and implement marketing strategies and campaigns, you will need to look for a Manager or Director. 

Marketing covers a wide range of expertise and skills. You can recruit someone who specialises in just one area, or one who can deliver a range of marketing activities. 

Below, we look at some of the different marketing specialisms that you may want to explore. 

Strategy and planning  

A marketing professional specialising in strategy & planning should have the potential to assign marketing goals for the company and devise strategies within budget to help achieve those goals.  

This person would sit with, or integrate with, your senior management team, offering advice on the direction the business should take, while also coming up with marketing plans for implementation.  

Market research 

Market research is important and if your business has a strong need in this area, you should look to recruit someone with extensive research skills. Research can include a wide range of specialisms including industry research, client research and competitor research.   

You will need to decide if you want someone to cover all, or some, of these. For example if it  important that your business stays up-to-date with the latest trends and industry standards, then you need someone strong on industry research, so your company is continuously staying ahead.  

A professional who is experienced in customer and competitor research should be able to carry out the research both qualitatively and quantitatively and analyse the results. This can then underpin your marketing strategies and which marketing activities you should invest in to reach your target audience. 

Digital marketing 

This is now a huge growth area within the industry and can cover a whole host of skills such as social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, PPC (paid online advertising), email marketing, web design & management.  

Some people will be a specialist in just one of these functions, while some will have the ability to perform several, so it is important to understand the different areas. 

A specialist in email marketing will run and monitor the performance of campaigns. They should be proficient in the latest email marketing tools and produce top quality campaigns. They should also be fully compliant with GDPR legislation and be prepared to take responsibility for this within their work. 

Specialists in SEO and PPC work on getting in front of people as they browse the web. These are extremely important for businesses today. If appearing as high on Google as possible is a key objective for your company, you need someone who understands this area and can work on Google Adwords and SEO development.  

Social media marketing 

Having your brand across a number of social media platforms is a strong way to market your company. Research from Global Web Index found that social media accounts for roughly one in every three minutes that users spend on the internet.   

A Social Media Marketing Manager should create a social media strategy and plan, advising which channels to target, what type of content to create and share and how your branding should work across the channel. They should then implement the plan and creatively manage the channels consistently. 

It is also useful to monitor what is being said about your brand across social media. The same applies with any questions and queries, as people usually take to social media to ask them.  

A social media specialist can use this as an opportunity to communicate and support your brand, by dealing with any queries, comments or complaints. Being active and responsive on Social media will reflect positively on your business.  

Content marketing 

No matter how niche or how small your company is, a great content marketing professional should always be able to understand your business and your audience, while also providing great content that can be shared by your audience.  

Whether it is a blog post, an infographic, meme or otherwise, a content marketing professional can always find new and innovative ways to educate and engage your audience with great content.  

They can then assess  the effectiveness of the content being created and shape your strategy around this. 

Traditional media advertising 

Advertising covers many different formats from traditional magazine adverts and radio, to TV and outdoor. A marketing professional who specialises in this area should be able to negotiate the best deals for you when buying media space to promote your brand and work with creatives to design the adverts.  


This area of marketing is a softer approach to getting in front of your target audience, but one that can work extremely well if done right. Public relations is all about managing the perception of your brand and delivering messages through the media. 

Therefore, if you are looking to gain exposure in key industry magazines or regional and national newspapers, you should take on board someone who has experience in PR. 

They should be able to construct a PR plan, understand your target media and then be able to come up with compelling  angles that excite journalists and make them want to write about your company.    

Ready to hire a marketing professional?  

To conclude, marketing can cover many activities and we have just covered some of them in this blog and it depends on your business as to which marketing activities will be most effective.  Marketing is key to growing a business and recruiting a good marketing professional with the right experience and providing them with clear objectives can pay huge dividends and really drive your business forward.  



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