How not to be a Zoom Zombie

Are you finding it difficult to focus during lockdown and get your most impactful tasks done?   Our brains are in survival mode, ready for flight or fight, not deep working.  We have to work with that, not try to fight it.  Some of us are also feeling the pressure to overachieve  –to find time, to learn new languages or skills, write a novel and watch self-improving movies with the family while eating delicious, nutritious meals.  This lockdown shaming  can make us feel even more stressed.

Hosted by Executive Coach, Zena Everett, This highly practical and interactive one hour session will help you to reboot your coping strategies, focus on what’s important and work more effectively:

  • Stress and resilience – who is in control here?
  • Prioritisation and daily focus – chasing antelopes not field-mice
  • Four Burners theory – you can’t be perfect at everything, especially now.
  • Beating Parkinson’s Law and Student Syndrome: intense bursts of working and shorter deadlines
  • Controlling distractions and establishing boundaries between work and home
  • Actions: practical steps to take away

Zena Everett is an Executive Coach and speaker on Crazy Busyness™ and overwhelm.  She is the author of Mind Flip: Take the Fear out of Your Career and Crazy Busy.