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Top 7 Tips for Improved Staff Retention and Employee Resilience

January historically is the time we get fitter and healthierWe set personal and business goals to motivate us to dream biggerespecially as we start a new decade!   

As an employer you want your staff to be effectiveefficient and equipped to react and respond quickly to your business demands.  The reality is however a very different picture, with stress and mental health high up on any HR agendawhether you are a large corporate or SME. 

Today, highly qualifiedsavy candidates right for your business, want to know you are taking serious responsibility for their wellbeing to retain and support them.  Despite the competition to find the right job, candidates have a higher expectation from you as their potential employer.  

We know that offering flexible working is key but there are many additional things employers can do to promote wellbeing in the workplace.  We asked Wellbeing and Business Relationship Expert, Karen Marshall to provide us with her top tips to improve resilience, increase staff retention and reduce your absenteeism figures this year, which of the 7 Tips will you introduce this 2020?  

Karen’s Top 7 Tips to improve your staff resilience and wellbeing:  

  1. Offer mental fitness and resilience lunchtime talks (a much more positive association to mental health) to provide your employees with their personal toolkit.
  2. Offer employees healthy nutritiongood hydration and fitness lunchtime talks to support their new or improved daily habits. 
  3. To reduce stress. One scientific study by Headspace found meditation improved focus by 14%Offer a monthly staff meditation experience to encourage individuals to listen louder to their mind and body. It’s the start of transformation. 
  4. To re-invigorate and revitalise staff, encourage small teams of 2 – 3 people to motivate each other to take lunchtime 10minute walks together. It will work wonders for improved productivity to clear the mind.
  5. Offer quarterly staff well-being rewards (or subsidised) treatments to release stress and tension. It’s invaluable time out you to improve productivity and morale. Indian Head Massage is brilliant at clearing the head, mind and body. 
  6. Set up a business room to encourage employees to change their physiology (to listen to music or an opportunity to close their eyes for 10 minutes). By rebooting our eyes and mind, you will boost productivity if you want to improve on presenteeism.
  7. Position and promote your wellbeing values visibly in your office, stairwell, reception (e.g. health, wellbeing, emotional, mental, physical, business goals).  Or install TV video screens around your office(s) to promote your business philosophy, or lunchtime initiatives you are offering. 

 You will retain and attract employees when you value them as your greatest asset (noted in Stephen Covey’s book The 7 Habits to Highly Effective People).   


Karen Marshall – Qualified Wellbeing & Relationship Expert 

Professionally qualified and experienced in the mind, body and energy connection. Karen accelerates and improves emotional intelligence, a key ingredient to greater resilience and productivity in business.  With a commercial background and 24 years working in IT software, motor, mobile, financial, Audio/TV electronic industries both corporate and SME, Karen truly understands how to accelerate employee resilience. Helping individuals to feel happier in business and their life will positively impact staff absenteeism, presenteeism and improve productivity.   

How Karen Marshall can support your business initiatives: 

To book your mental fitness trial experience onsite at your premises or book quarterly reward treatments contact or call 07590 221951. 

Karen Marshall also has a wealth of established credible independent, health experts to deliver your presentations on fitness, nutrition & hydration, chiropractic, stress management, style and colour branding.  

Karen Marshall