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Psychometric Testing: A valuable tool for employers and recruiters

Why have psychometric tests become so popular? 

Given the increase in sophistication and reliability of psychometric testing over the last 5 years, it’s no surprise that 80 per cent of Fortune 500 companies in the USA and nearly 75 per cent of the ‘Times Top 100 Companies’ in the UK now use them (source: The Yale Tribune). 

Employers find the test results can identify candidates with the greatest potential for success and simplify decision making. Given the impact of getting a hiring decision wrong, testing can make significant savings in money, time and emotional energy! It can also help make defendable, unbiased selection decisions, when the pressure is on to create a diverse workforce. 

A psychometric test, usually accessed online, is an objective and bench-marked assessment capable of differentiating between candidates. 

In addition to recruitment, individuals looking to progress their career or teams wanting to work together more effectively find psychometrics are a valuable tool. Using the right one, with appropriate follow up from a coach, can bring about a step change in performance. 

Our experience of psychometric testing at Capability Jane 

When we recently needed to hire a new member for our team, we brought in expert assessor and coach Zoe Creighton, from Creighton Coaching and Consulting. Zoe recommended Hogan Assessments, one of the most respected and well validated psychometrics. Once the assessments had been completed, she analysed the results and explained all the implications. 

Caroline Doherty, our Commerical Director says of the process, 

‘When we used Hogan to assess our potential new employee it showed me the candidate had the right traits for the job and would be a good fit with the team. That meant I was confident in hiring and now, 12 months on, we still sometimes refer back to our Hogan results – they’ve helped us understand each other and work together better. It was well worth the money, so I didn’t hesitate to use Zoe and Hogan again, next time I needed to hire someone.’ 


If you’d like to try out psychometrics to help in a recruitment decision, Hogan can provide you with a side by side comparison of each candidates’ suitability for the role, key strengths and weaknesses and their fit with your company.  In addition for team building and development Hogan can be used to run workshops, where team members gain an understanding of individuals’ similarities and differences and learn how to leverage the mix of individuals. 

A special offer

Zoe Creighton has kindly offered a special price to all Capability Jane clients and candidates for a Hogan Assessment before 31/12/19 of £198 for an individual. Included in this price is a clear printable summary of the results, plus a valuable 30 minute follow up coaching session to discuss them.  For more information email or call her on 07910129994 and quote Capability Jane. 

Additional resources:

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Working with Zoe we have developed four bite size videos to help you get the most out of using Hogan Assessments, whether you are looking to recruit, or want to use it to develop yourself or a team. 

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