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Happy Anniversary Capability Jane!


14 years strong and still one of the most established flexible working recruiters


14 years young and what a time it’s been! Born during the credit crunch, we’ve seen the London Olympics, four royal weddings, 8 royal babies, Brexit and, well, we all know what we’re going through now.

When we started Capability Jane, our aim was to fill a gap in the market for a recruitment business that focused on sourcing talented executives wanting to work on a flexible working basis.

We wanted to tap into a pool of talented people who leave the corporate world in search of roles that offer more flexibility, and bring candidates seeking flexible working opportunities together with innovative, growing businesses.

We’ve grown our client base to consist of fast-growing startups and organisations that have used Capability Jane as a recruiter at every step of their business journey.

For the SME market, flexible working gives them the ability to get the resources they need to grow. Even more so as we head into more challenging times.

The same can be said of our candidates, senior-level professionals who see us as their first port of call when changing roles. Not to mention the amazing new candidates who join the Capability Jane community week on week.

In spite of what the world throws at us, we continue to be one of the leading flexible recruiters, but how much has changed in the world of flexible working since our bold mission statement in 2007?

Growth in flex working

From our perspective, yes, the SME market is constantly growing and maturing in this space.

Any agile startup or scale-up business knows that flexible working gives them the ability to get the resources they need, and this market is not showing signs of slowing down, even more so as we head into more challenging times.

COVID has shown what’s possible and that we don’t necessarily need the traditional 9-5. According to Timewise, 13 million people want permanent flexibility when things return to normal, so now is the time for employers to make preparations for the shift towards this way of working.

There are many benefits to flexible working. You could say that right now they outweigh the negatives.

Having said that, to say all is perfect would be inaccurate. Just this week, the CIPD found that, for 46% of UK workers, flexible working was still not an option for them. Despite lockdown and all the flexibility that has to come with it.

In addition, only 30% of employers said they were going open up to flexibility post-COVID. This may be a very short-term view and only time will tell on this point.

Looking to the future 

It is still a competitive market for candidates, but since our launch in 2007 the market has changed dramatically.

We’re seeing more men applying for roles and flexible working is now widely accepted in the business community as a way of working. We’re even seeing more flexible working patterns at board level.

For Capability Jane however, we are made up of a loyal and strong team of recruitment professionals who never fail to do amazing work and continue to focus on growing the flexible jobs market and placing our outstanding candidates with outstanding businesses.

Here’s to the next 14 years!