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Definition of Hybrid Working

Hybrid Working isn’t actually a new phenomenon.  Although the phrase is relatively new it came to prominence following the covid pandemic.  During the pandemic many companies and employees were forced to work remotely during lockdowns and to mitigate the Covid 19 spread.

This experiment of remote working led to employees wanting to retain this element of workplace flexibility and increasingly employers realised that ‘remote’ or ‘work from home’ is a viable and effective option especially when mixed with office / face-to-face time.

Capability Jane (CJ) has been a specialist recruiter in the area of flexible working for 14 years. Hybrid Working has always featured highly with us as an excellent form of flexible working as it provides employees necessary or desired flexibility and work-life balance.  Since our Founder, Sara Hill, set up CJ in 2008 we have promoted ways of working that make the work-place more accessible to all as well as looking at work patterns that can make employees more productive, healthier and happier.

Hybrid Working definition

At CJ we define Hybrid Working as follows

Hybrid Working is a location based concept, meaning a mix of remote and office working.  Hybrid working can be delivered on a full time, part-time or flexible working pattern that is agreed between employer and employee.

How do Hybrid and Flexible working interact?  

With the right employer hybrid should be more flexible in its nature than office working. It is also a type of flexible working that CJ has always recommended to our clients and operated within our own organisation.

Flexible working can be hybrid.  But not all flexible working is hybrid.  Hybrid is a type of flexible working.

Demand for Hybrid Working

Over the past six months we have undertaken 2 pieces of research of 500 candidates/employees.  These surveys have shown an overwhelming preference for the hybrid arrangement.

Additionally our recent LinkedIn poll has also shown that 93% of respondents said their businesses operate a hybrid working model.  This is good news and we at CJ are happy to hear it!!

The CIPD is an excellent source of information on this topic


Karen Bailey – CJ Marketing Manager