Part-time technologists fill skills gap for new systems implementation

Cherry Picked Technologists Guarantee Success

Capability Jane Recruitment was contacted to lead a critical, and complicated, technologists recruitment programme. The client, a national UK charity, required a team of project managers who had significant strategic and technical skills. Within the organisation there were already individuals employed on flexible terms, and in this case the hiring manager worked remotely from home for part of the week.

Craft a Solution. Deliver a Solution

Four full-time positions needed to be covered, with any combination of people and time commitment. The client knew that Capability Jane Recruitment was the ideal partner to work with this wide ranging flexibility and these strong candidate requirements.

There was so much response when the roles advertised that Capability Jane had to introduce additional screening to their usual process. Over 150 candidates went through an initial review, then technical tests were sent to over 30 applicants, followed by phone interviews and finally face-to-face interviews to arrive at a shortlist of eleven for the client.

The client was so impressed by the calibre of the shortlisted candidates that they struggled to determine who to offer a role, and in what combination. Eventually, five candidates were engaged, all on part-time of flexible full-time terms. The combination did in fact exceed the original four full-time positions that the client needed to cover but they wanted to accommodate the talent in their organisation. Additionally a sixth candidate was subsequently called back to work on a specific interim project in a different part of the organisation.

Repeat Business

The individual candidates were highly capable and the client’s project was extremely successful. The client was so pleased with the results that they engaged Capability Jane Recruitment for another assignment one year later, and have continued to work together over time.