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Case study: Financial Director for scaleup consultancy

New investors, new challenges

A family-run consultancy had secured next stage investment to take their business to the next level to become a scaleup business. This funding meant the company now had a board of investors to support growth and, as a result, set to go through a period of change, taking it from a small family business to a mid-sized consultancy.

Recruiting to make change happen

For many businesses going through change following funding, new expertise is often required to balance commercial reporting with established systems and processes, or support employees through organisational change carefully and sensitively.

Jennifer Brooks, Senior Account Manager, Capability Jane says: ‘When a company secures Private Equity or Venture Capitalist investment, there is always a period of transition, which has to be a careful balance of positive change vs identifying management gaps and responding accordingly.’

In most cases, this expertise tends to be required on a part-time or interim basis to implement systems, set-up departments or drive change. With employees in place to support growth, the need for a senior-level Director, Consultant or Manager is to focus more on strategic input, implementation and mentoring.

Capability Jane for the best candidates

The consultancy approached Capability Jane with a view to start putting such changes in motion by hiring a Financial Director and HR Director to establish policies and procedures and prepare teams for growth.

This was a period of significant change for the consultancy and its employees. The transition from a more ‘informal’ and collaborative family business to a team or department-led structure was significant, so it was crucial the right candidate had the ability to balance the established with the new, whilst being aware of, and sensitive to, cultural change.

Continued Brooks, ‘We’ve had clients hire a CFO on a part-time basis because it would be less intimidating for the team, but they still needed that expertise brought in. We understand these challenges and know the best candidates to make this happen.’

Capability Jane successfully placed an FD, full time with 1 day remote working and was also involved in sourcing an HR Director. Both have been extremely successful at driving change and establishing policies, procedures and reporting lines.

Concluded Brooks, ‘The reason we were so successful with the environmental consultancy was down to the fact that we know and understand both significant and nuanced changes to business requirements. This is what makes us stand out as a recruitment consultancy.’