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Capability Jane Recruitment finds 60% of Candidates are concerned about discussing flexible working hours

May 31, London, UK: 60% of Candidates are concerned about discussing the possibility of flexible working hours at an interview. This astonishing statistic was discovered during a webinar hosted earlier this year by specialist flexible working recruiters, Capability Jane.

An even more alarming number of candidates (81%) were worried about how to talk about career breaks at interviews. Capability Jane’s mission is to make these topics less taboo for both Candidates and Employers.

Karen Bailey, Marketing Manager at Capability Jane, explains:

“We understand why Candidates are reluctant to discuss flexible working at interview, so sadly we were not surprised by this statistic.  Our solution is for Capability Jane to have that conversation with the Employer upfront. Doing this means our candidates know the flexibility available for the role before they even get to interview.  This takes the pressure off candidates and both parties are comfortable to discuss the working pattern.  

We hope flexible working will become the norm instead of the exception in the future, but at the moment, negotiating flexible working patterns with Employers is a clear differentiator between us and many other recruiters.”

Capability Jane’s approach to recruitment constantly challenges existing conceptions about the 5-day, 9 to 5, office based work culture. Alongside taking the discussion of flexible working directly to the employers, Capability Jane provides information and guidance around the topic on its website. They also seek to educate and promote flexible working to organisations across social media. Their approach is applauded by Candidates and Employers alike and this is reflected by their glowing Google reviews.

Capability Jane is helping businesses fulfil and optimise on their recruitment needs by challenging traditional working patterns and offering flexibility.  At the same time, more Candidates than ever before are able to develop their careers with the work-life balance that is now demanded in these fast-paced times.

About Capability Jane

Capability Jane is a recruitment agency focused on matching experienced, flexible-working Candidates with fast growing SMEs that are recruiting for core function senior roles.

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Karen Bailey, Marketing Manager –
Phone: 0845 604 1916