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Capability Jane would be my first port of call. The really valuable thing is having a recruitment company with a decent network of people, and that I can be confident that the core recruitment function is being done properly. The relevance and quality of applicants is really important, and Capability Jane consistently gets that right.
P. Cosmetatos | CEO, Commercial Real Estate Finance Council Europe
We are open minded about how to find the best people and Capability Jane gave us access to people we wouldn’t otherwise have reached.
W Reynolds | Director, Birchwood Knight
What we like about Capability Jane is the concept of very senior people returning to work on a part time basis. Capability Jane gave us the opportunity to access good quality candidates without having to pay a full-time salary. This flexibility really works for us.
S Haughton | COO & Co-Founder, Envestors
Capability Jane has just the right attitude for an innovate start up and managed to address our requirements really well. This is a great model and I was really impressed with the service.
J Acklam | CEO, Global Travel Ventures
Capability Jane offered me a more personal service and I felt that I was dealing with a company that really understood my needs. They found me a great Business Manager and I would definitely work with them again.
C Farrow | Director, Hogarth Architects
We’ve worked with Capability Jane a couple of times now and have been very happy with the service. Capability Jane are definitely our go-to agency when we have flexible opportunities.
A Darnell | HR Manager, Origami Energy
We have recruited a number of people through Capability Jane and would recommend them as specialists in finding experienced, part-time individuals. They have a good understanding of the needs of an SME and provide a very professional service at good value for money.
C Mulcahy | 2020 Delivery
We got a great hire and excellent service from the team at Capability Jane
Director | Greyhawk Intelligence Group