Our clients

Our clients come from a wide range of businesses; many small and medium size, fast-growth and entrepreneurial, all at various stages of development. The one thing they have in common is a need to hire the very the best people; they understand the mutual benefits of offering flexible working patterns.

“As a global engineering and manufacturing business, improving gender diversity is important and I knew that I needed someone super experienced that didn’t need to work full time. Capability Jane gave us access to diverse, interesting candidates and I found the experienced support that I needed in the business. ”
Chief Operating Officer, the Airdri Group
“We came to Capability Jane as we knew we needed someone at Executive level who wanted to work part time. The process was completely painless. Capability Jane did all of the hard work for us, shortlisting candidates and giving us the best people to choose from. I would definitely recommend Capability Jane as a recruitment partner.”
Claire Coakley, Publishing Director, Creative Plus
“The wealth of knowledge within the group of candidates was apparent. It was very refreshing to speak with people who truly understand what we are trying to achieve. All of the interviews felt like conversations with experts, their questions for us were very pertinent. Each of them had their own unique strengths, if only we could bottle them all up into one person!”
Breanna Yen, Co-Founder & CDO, Curvestone AI
“Capability Jane has just the right attitude for an innovative start up and managed to address our requirements really well. This is a great model and I was really impressed with the service.”
J Acklam, CEO, Global Travel Ventures
“We are a very satisfied customer! The process was efficient and we got a great candidate. That’s the real proof of the pudding, Capability Jane supplied us with a CFO that we are really, really pleased with.”
C Hand, CEO, YMCA – Fairthorne Group
“Capability Jane invested a significant amount of time understanding our organisation and its needs. Their shortlist was just that, short with thorough explanations on why they had included each candidate. We were left with a very difficult choice and a successful hire. I would thoroughly recommend Capability Jane.”
Stewart Goold, Manging Director, Changeboard
“Capability Jane offered me a more personal service and I felt that I was dealing with a company that really understood my needs. They found me a great Business Manager and I would definitely work with them again.”
Hogarth Architects
“We’ve worked with Capability Jane a couple of times now and have been very happy with the service. Capability Jane are definitely our go-to agency when we have flexible opportunities.”
A Darnell, HR Manager, Origami Energy
“I had a good experience working with Capability Jane and plan to work with them again. They are my go-to people for senior part time roles.”
P Hill, Partner, Azini Capital Partners
“We are a flexible company and really believe in what Capability Jane is promoting – opportunities for part time professionals. Not many companies think outside the box like that.”
N Clarke, CEO, Morgan Innovation & Technology
“We worked with Capability Jane because we wanted a senior, experienced person but didn’t need a full timer. The service was very easy and the whole thing ran really smoothly, we interviewed a number of excellent candidates and made a great hire for our company.”
N Clarke, CEO, Morgan Innovation & Technology
“Capability Jane’s database specifically fitted our requirements for a part time experienced professional.”
J Bowie, CEO, JCRA
“We really liked the Capability Jane candidate profile, we are a small growing business and need to be able to fill non-fee earning roles with part time resource. I also personally support the Capability Jane model and ethos - we are also a very male dominated industry and offering flexible and part time working has been a great way to diversify our employee base and talent pool. ”
J Bowie, CEO, JCRA
“The unique Capability Jane proposition – quality, part time professionals, really appealed to me. We were sent relevant CVs and quickly hired an excellent Financial Controller – I don’t know what we would have done without her! Capability Jane gave us access to a different talent pool with great success”
J Crooks, COO, PassivSystems
“Capability Jane found us a great candidate and I would definitely work with them again. The quality of candidates was excellent and at the end of the day – that’s what matters – getting the right result. There is no need for us to go anywhere else.”
Beard, Finance Office, Verno Capital
“We were happy with the service we received from Capability Jane. I would work with them again and would recommend Capability Jane as part time recruitment specialists. ”
Deirdre Carty, Director of HR, Nuffield Foundation