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7 Questions for Employers to ask when interviewing for a Marketing Manager

At Capability Jane we often recruit for Marketing Manager roles for Small and Medium size businesses.  We find these businesses need candidates with a mix of strategic and tactical skills particularly if it is their first marketing hire.  For Employers who have little expertise in the area of marketing, we have put together some example questions which could provide a really good starting point for an interview.

Our Top 7 marketing questions for Employers


1. Which marketing channels have you had experience of managing? This can be adapted to Digital Marketing if this is a Digital role.


2. What do you think should be the most important marketing channel to our business?


3. Do you have a feel for who the target client would be for our business?


4. If you were to come on-board, how would you go about determining our target audience?This could be a variety of answers, such as: internal company research, online research, company reports and databases or website analytics, but should show candidates depth of thought.


5. Can you tell me about when you have put together a marketing plan and what sort of things it has included? Look for an answer that talks about aligning to business or marketing objectives and flows down into activity from there.


6. Can you tell me about some examples where you have used you own copywriting within your marketing? You could ask them to provide examples of their work pre-interview or post interview.


7. How would you measure marketing performance or campaigns you run?


Whichever way you decide to structure you interview, if you want to ascertain the experience and skills of your marketing candidate these questions can help you.  Of course you should also be looking for other important things like cultural fit and personality and might want to consider psychometric testing to help you with this.

Employers who come to us and need support with their recruitment process can be guided through the interview process and content by our Account Manager.  This is a benefit of using a small, personalised agency like Capability Jane, so get in touch with us if you need excellent candidates and a fully supported recruitment process.

Author: Karen Bailey– Marketing Manager at Capability Jane